Distributions to area organizations:

Fund Name Amount Receiving Organization
American Indian Fund $500.00 Navajo Health Foundation
American Legion $4,135.00 American Legion Building (insurance)
John Benedict Fund $5,000.00 Community Concert Association
Annie Coble Fund $2,513.00 Alexander Hamilton Library
Annie Coble Fund $2,513.00 Waynesboro Hospital
Ida Gray Fund $94.00 Waynesboro Memorial Park
S. D. Hockman Fund $262.00 Girl Scouts
C. Robinson Fund $520.00 Borough of Waynesboro (scholarship for child of maintenance worker)
C. Shriver-Snively $2,162.00 Waynesboro Hospital (landscaping)
Zaidee O. Bartle Fund $500.00 Boy Scouts
Zaidee O. Bartle Fund $1,000.00 Project Big Love
Unrestricted Fund $5,000.00 Women in Need (Franklin County) - to be used for client services
Unrestricted Fund $20,000.00 Yearly pledge to Waynesboro Area Business Education Consortium (part of $100,000 grant for stadium renovations at High School)
Unrestricted Fund $1,000.00 Waynesboro 12U State Championship Team to help with costs for National tournament


The Scholorship Committee awarded $2,000 scholarships to:

Recipient Institution
Megan Biesecker West Chester
Taylor Davis Mount St. Mary's
Virginia Jacobs University of the Cumberlands
Kurt Schlosser Bucknell University
Megan Schmidt Liberty University


Other recent activities:

Recipient Donation / Purpose
Waynesboro Historical Society $1,200 / Two new lamp posts and signage at the Oller House
Destination Arts $2,000 / Donation to get program started in 2013
Toll Gate House (owned by WBFA and rented by the American Red Cross) Replacement roof
Waynesboro Police Station Purchase of Safety Kiosk (funds used from Memorial contributions from Louis Barlup)
Memorial Park Tree planted in honor of long time board member and chair, Louis Barlup
The Renfrew Institute Computer system upgrades
American Legion Renovation of kitchen






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