Our History


We hold dear the rich relationship we have developed with our community.

For more than a century, an unseen hand has helped guide the destiny of our community. A generosity of spirit, coupled with resourceful application of charitable intent, has enabled those with large hearts to create an ongoing tradition of giving that has made the Waynesboro area a better place to live.

When Community Leaders serving on the Waynesboro Board of Trade met in the spring of 1912, they identified a pressing need for 12 community institutions. In assessing the requirements for the growing town of Waynesboro, the board’s visionary leaders inventoried the community’s needs.

High on the list was a hospital, an American Legion Memorial, a library, playgrounds, a public park and a swimming pool. A Young Men’s Christian Association completed the ambitious wish list. The very pulse points of our community’s life have their origins in the aspirations of an earlier era.

Today nearly all of the community needs identified of the first decade of the last century have been met. Institutions and facilities we rely upon in our daily life have been made possible, in part, through the continued support of those who have remembered the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund in their wills.





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