Because we know you have choices in donation, we are here to answer your questions.

Q: What Is The Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association?

A: A perpetual charity trust organized on April 5, 1912, to promote the welfare of residents of the Waynesboro area.

Q: Who serves on the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association’s Board of Directors?

A: The fund’s board of directors is made up of a representative from the Waynesboro Area Fellowship of Churches, one senior officer from each of Waynesboro’s two largest banks, Waynesboro’s Mayor, a member from the school board, a designee from the chamber of commerce, and executive officers from the community’s two largest manufacturing companies as well as four members from the community at large.

Q: How has the Beneficial Fund Association provided for community improvements?

A: Through the generosity of prior generations who have bequeathed or donated stock, property or cash, the fund has been able to accomplish significant improvements targeting areas expressly provided for by donors.

Q: What are the Beneficial fund monies used for?

A: Beneficiaries of the fund’s charitable efforts are as varied as the intentions of the benefactors who have earmarked funds for the custodianship of the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association.  Unrestricted Donations will be used at the discretion of the board to enhance community life, while restricted donations will be used in accordance with donor's specific wishes.

Q: How can individuals help the Beneficial Fund?

A: By making a fully tax deductible lifetime gift to the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association, you will be able to see your generosity at work. By providing for the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association through a cash donation or through your will, your spirit of charitable giving may be extended, touching the lives of generations to come. A simple bequest through a will or codicil is enough to continue the fund’s tradition of giving and benefit the community in the future.





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