About Us


We are the beneficiaries of those early community minded individuals who assessed Waynesboro's present and future. We have benefited from their generosity and wise stewardship of entrusted assets.


Funds entrusted to the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund have helped sustain such organizations as our own United Way, Welfare Association and Community Concert programs. The fund can also act as a trusted conduit for special funds such as the one that has been earmarked for scholarship opportunities and organizations benefiting Native Americans in the Western States.


Income generated through investment and property holdings has provided a far reaching benevolence that has been a mainstay of the community's institutions. Funds from specific trusts have helped support:


United Way Community Concert Association
Green Hill Cemetery American Legion
Girl Scout and Boy Scout Programs American Red Cross
Chamber of Commerce Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library
Waynesboro Welfare Association Waynesboro Recreation Facilities and Programs


 And many other worthy organizations!





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