• WBFA transfers ownership of East Main Street property to the Joe Stickell Post 15.

  • Green Hill Cemetery stock was transferred from the WBFA to the Green Hill Cemetery Association.

  • Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association contributes to Renfrew Institute's computer system upgrade

  • Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association donates $100K to WABEC

  • WBFA does numerous charitable activities in conjunction with the Waynesboro Hospital

  • Memorial funds received in honor of Louis Barlup; the family chose to use the funds for the safety kiosk at the police station.

  • The Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association gratefully receives a donation from BB&T Bank



For over 100 years the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association has impacted our community. We invite you to learn more about our organization and to become a partner with us!



News Release -

WBFA - Gifts that Keep Giving

Waynesboro - The Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association at their recent meeting approved the distribution of gifts to several area organizations on behalf of past benefactors.

New gifts included $7,500 toward total pledge of $37,500 to the Antietam Humane Society for the building project; $5,000 toward a total pledge of $15,000 to the Waynesboro Day Care Center for upgrades to their roof and other projects, $3,000 to Mainstreet Waynesboro for street lights, and, $300 to Washington Township for the Red Run Train. The Wayne Band will be receiving $2,500 for uniform replacement from the John Benedict Music Fund and Renfrew Institute will receive $3,350 to upgrade their computers and software.

Other gifts for the most recent fiscal year have included the final $20,000 payment on the $100,000 commitment to WABEC for stadium upgrades, the final $25,000 on the $75,000 commitment to Waynesboro Theatre, $2,000 to Mainstreet Waynesboro for computer and software upgrades and $1,000 to Project Big Love. Scholarship gifts totaling $12,500 were given to deserving seniors in the spring.

Finally, many individuals have left funds in trust with WBFA for specific periodic donations. Proceeds were given on behalf of the Carolyn Shriver-Snively Fund to the Waynesboro Hospital. The S. D. Hockman Fund contributed to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the United Way and the Ida S. Gray Fund contributed to Memorial Park upgrades. The Borough of Waynesboro was once again notified of scholarship funds available through the Clarence Robinson Fund for a child of a borough maintenance employee. The Annie Coble Fund distributed funds to the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Library and the Waynesboro Hospital.

Since last reporting to the community in December, 2016, a total of $113,729 has been given back to the community. Property transfers during this time period included the Green Hill Cemetery stock transfer of ownership to its Board of Directors and the deed transfer of the Main Street property to the American Legion.

The Board leadership has transitioned at the recent annual meeting. Valorie Dick has stepped down from the Chair position and has resigned her board position after 30 years on the Board. Brian Shook is now the Board Chair, John Blubaugh is Vice-Chair, with Jackie Mowen continuing in her role as Secretary/Treasurer. Rev. Dr. Bruce Druckenmiller is now representing the Fellowship of Churches and Karen Herald serves on behalf of the Waynesboro School Board. Continuing members are: Mayor Richard Starliper, David George and David McCarney representing Industrial Business, Greg White representing Banking, Amy Weber representing Business and Carol Henicle and Bob Correll, at large.

The mission of the Waynesboro Beneficial Fund Association is to maximize the benefits of individual donations for a better community. For over 100 years the WBFA has impacted our community by faithfully overseeing the funds entrusted to it. The website at www.wbfa.net gives further information on how individuals can “pay it forward" for future generations. For additional information, please contact the Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce. Tax deductible gifts are always welcome as are lifetime bequests.





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